Tree Gifting

"Give a Gift to Someone Special to Give Back to the Earth"

Diamond - Decidious Trees
Emerald - Evergreen Trees
Ruby - Ornamentals/Vines
Pearl - Fruit/Tropicals

Looking for a special gift other than roses, candy, steaks or any other tired old standard? Well look no further than Heirloom Tree and Gardens "Tree Gifting". Giving a tree gives life and oxygen, and gives back to the earth!

Choosing to give a tree as a gift is an ideal way of giving a personal and lasting reminder of the occasion, person, memory or celebration that the tree was planted for.

At Heirloom Tree and Garden, we can provide your family, friends or colleagues with a thoughtful and appreciated living gift that will grow for generations and can become an heirloom for any family. No matter what the occasion or just the perfect gift for that one person who has everything, we have an extensive inventory to choose from, and can lend assistance in choosing the perfect living gift. We also can find just about any mature tree you want. Your tree purchase will be installed professionally. We also have the ability to move and install a tree that you already own.

Heirloom's skilled staff carefully prepares and move trees using time tested methods passed down thru the years as well as cutting edge equipment and plant science. We carefully prepare trees prior to moving, using the latest in bio organic root inoculants. We can then move a specimen from our inventory or one that you already own, using a mechanical spade up to 105" or hand dig the root ball using the "drum lacing" technique. We also offer root ball boxing for tree root balls up to 12 feet in diameter. Our treated pine boxes are custom made and are refundable after installation.

By sending a tree as a gift, life's most important events can be remembered for years to come, and that special gift will give back to the earth!

We only offer mature specimens.

What's The Occasion?

Mother's Day
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Memorial Day
Wedding Gift
House Warming
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Fund Raising
Silent Auction
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Valentine's Day
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