Soil Fracturing

We proudly utilize "Airtech Tools" total solution for aeration and feeding. Using this state of the art system provides the following benefits:

  • Compacted Soil fracturing and aeration
  • Removal of static water
  • Improvement of water penetration into the root zone
  • Ability to inject water storing polymers
  • Inoculant root zone with organics

Tree and shrub problems can generally be attributed to soil compaction and nutrient deficiencies. When the spaces between the particles of soil become restricted, the paths for air, water, and nutrients become blocked and inhibit root growth. Untreated soil naturally compacts and restricts air and water.

Air fracturing penetrates air deep into the soil creating fissures. The fissures make way for a life giving balance of water, oxygen and nutrients while promoting root growth deeper into the soil, relieving root stress and increasing the plant's overall health.

The tree & shrub Soil Fracturing Service can save or extend the life of your trees and shrubs. We understand the Georgia red clay conditions and work to reverse the nutrient deficiencies by air fracturing. Another benefit is water conservation, the fissures allow the water to efficiently penetrate into the root area, as opposed to the water running off.

Unlike companies that just feed the plants, our goal is to rebuild the nutritional value and microbial structure of the soil for long term success. Let us take an evaluation of your tree or shrubs health, and determine the proper mix of nutrients to inject into the soil.

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