Item Number: 0414105

Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum 'Green'

Distinction: Diamond [ view distinctions ]
Type: Decidious Trees
Current Size: 12 x 12
Mature Size: 12 x 12
USDA Hardiness Zone: 5 to 9 [ view map ]
Heirloom Rating: 5 Star [ view ratings ]
Location: On-Site Brookhaven ??
Sales Status: Available
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Japanese maples are popular for their architectural form, and dramatic foliage colors both in spring and fall, thus making them excellent choices landscape accents and as specimen plants. This maple is very mature, with heavy caliper and has exquisite structure. Japanese maples do best, in general, in partial sun, preferably with an eastern sunny exposure to promote leaf coloration, with protection from the western sun. Maples must have good drainage.

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